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Our Work

Here at Riverine In Diaspora we work to better our community. Our focus is the wellbeing of all African Men, Women and Children who may need an extra push in the right directions. 

We work together with you and many other  organisations as a hub to guide those to the right places. May it be healthcare queries, domestic support, and general family orientated issues we are here to help. 

Riverine In Diaspora is here to help you.

Iconography of Man with Face Mask - Covid Support

Covid Support

During tough times we are here to help. As times may get lonely and accessibility is tough Riverine In Diaspora is able to aid with these through our programs.

Speech Bubble - Mental health awareness

Mental Support

Riverine In Diaspora understands the importance of mental wellbeing. We have programs from simple one to one talks to directing you to the right people to help you through. 

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Domestic Support

Riverine In Diasporastarted with the vision of helping families. With our support we can help you overcome any issues you may face.

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Skill Support

Riverine In Diaspora sees the importance of having a skill set when it comes to the working and digital world. We offer skill classes and tech support to help make life easier when settling.

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General Support

Riverine In Diaspora is a community hub for all the needs of the people within our diaspora. From those that are here alone away from family or just need someone to talk to we are here be a support.


        is Bright

Riverine In Diaspora is all about ensuring that the African people within the diaspora have a bright future to look ahead. In order to uplift each other we must work together, and Riverine is all about community.

We aim to ensure that every step you take is in a direction that better your future and those that may come after you. 

We aim to offer and guide you to all the services that you may need, and break down any barriers that may be ahead. 

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